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28 September 2007 @ 01:52 am
A nice LA Times feature on House, starting off with a brief examination of Hugh Laurie and his character's appeal to young and old alike before focusing on the new season and cast changes, including some spoilers.

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Recently finished watching the season premiere of NBC's Medium and participating in a post-episode blog chat with creator/executive producer Glenn Gordon Caron, also responsible for other personal TV favourites like Moonlighting and Now and Again. He actually answered my question about his working relationship with the broadcast network - probably because I name-checked his prior shows and revealed I only started watching the current one when I found out he was the creative force behind it ;)

Anyway, Caron wrote pretty much what I'd expect him to considering he was on the official NBC site (i.e. things are "terrific"), but I sincerely hope for both his sake and ours as viewers that the network truly appreciates what a quality series Medium is. Waiting two months into the TV season to bring it back a fairly successful drama on new night doesn't exactly smack of genius to me, especially for a ratings-challenged broadcaster - hm, wonder why they're in fourth place...

It was only as the premiere was winding down and I saw the episode title, "Four Dreams," for the first time online that I realized what it reminded me of. Yes, it bore some striking similarities to "Three Stories," not just with the multiple interweaving storylines but some of the plot elements, specifically the return of the main character's old flame, played by Patricia Arquette's real life husband, Thomas Jane.

The mystery wasn't particularly hard to solve - but then again that's not really why I watch either show - and it didn't reach the admittedly stratospheric heights of House's award-winning episode. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable premiere that nicely developed a couple of the key secondary characters a little more - always a good thing on a series that also revolves around a single person and performance.

One aspect in which Medium excels, especially compared to the medical drama, is in its treatment of (inter)personal relationships both at home and in the workplace. I think this is where GGC's talent really shines through despite the show's paranormal premise, as it did in his other series - including one with a really unique theme, Now and Again (about an ordinary man's brain being placed upon his death into a government-created superhuman).

David Shore, on the other hand, has worked primarily on procedural dramas and, while he has a similar ability to blend serious and humourous elements, has admittedly had a tougher time dealing with romantic relationships in particular. If Medium could improve its episodic plotting, in terms of building and heightening suspense, and House could more realistically portray some characters - especially the ducklings - and how they deal with each other, I feel both shows would be the better for it.

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27 September 2006 @ 02:10 pm
I don't visit LiveJournal for days, sometimes weeks on end. I don't check my journal regularly when I do drop by. I don't post new content when I plan to and lead others to expect. I don't refresh my video links and reupload when needed.

I know all this and make feeble attempts to reform.

But I don't.

So while I don't promise to rectify all these wrongs in a timely manner - if at all - I can state one thing with certainty:

My latest House video is posted in the housevideos community.

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15 July 2006 @ 01:21 pm
I'm putting the final editing touches on a new House video and expect to make the finished product available by Monday or Tuesday. Also, I'm hoping to recode my previous four vids in AVI format and upload them as well, along with the original WMVs if needed (I haven't checked on the links for a while). Those who watched that series may recall that it dealt with themes of the mind - this time the focus shifts to the physical...

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06 June 2006 @ 05:29 am
Tom Shales of the Washington Post is probably my favourite TV critic. Maybe it's his Pulitzer-award-winning prose, especially when mercilessly skewering the latest reality retread. Or it could be the fact he's liked virtually all of the dramas I've ever been truly hooked on, including those that were cancelled too soon - RIP Brimstone, Now And Again...

Naturally Shales is also a House fan, having reviewed it kindly when it debuted, and had more praise for the show in his latest post-season TV drama recap. He generally states that the broadcast networks are currently experiencing a rennaissance in the genre, producing the type of quality hour-long series rarely seen since L.A. Law was on.

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16 November 2005 @ 04:55 am
My first ever journal entry only several months after joining LiveJournal. No one ever accused me of being fast or quick at anything, except maybe eating. Not very exciting I'm sorry to admit, just dipping my toe in the water - testing the layout, colours, fonts etc. Only real content is in my memories on the "User Info" page, linking to the House videos I've made and posted in the housevideos (naturally) community. Can't promise I'll update regularly or often, but now that I've got decent home internet service, I'll certainly be able to post practically any time I want, like the wee hours of the morning...